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Places of interest    

Bjurkärr naturreservat

The nature reserve in Bjurkärr have many visitors. It is to be found on a peninsula in the middle of the lake Åsnen, and most of it is covered with beech woods. The oldest trees are about 250 years old. In the beech wood there are about 100 so called "Karolinerekar". These are, according to the legend, oaks that the king Karl XII´s soldiers brought home and planted during the 18:th century Bjurkärr naturreservat
Kurrebo Kurrebo / Lunnabacken. Hembyggdsgård Gamla Urshult's Open Air Museum, A with a beautiful view over lake Åsnen. www.kurrebo.se

Hembygdsföreningen Gamla Urshult

Älgriket Mooseland is a modern animal park where you can see moose, red deer, fallow deer and roe in their natural environment. They live in the game that's over 35,000 square meters. . www.älgriket.se
Kyrko Mösse At the car cemetary in Kyrkö not far from Ryd are the remains of Åke Danielssons scrap yard. Here, in the middle of the woods there are a lot of rusty old cars from the 40´s, 50´s and 60´s. In a ditch there is an Opel Kadett, somewhere else a Ford Anglia, a Volvo Amazon and a Duett -57. Next to a tree there is an Austin A40 and an Opel Olympia. Here you can also see his house and his workshop.  Kyrko Mösse
Ängsfruktodlingar i Urshult Here in the rocky, hilly landscape around the small Urshult district in the southeastern part of Smaland by lake Åsnen southernmost part, the climate is mild and favorable for growing fruit. The wild apple has been growing here since immemorial times and the "Malus domestica" apple, since Viking times.. Angsfruktodlingar i Urshult
Ägnes naturreservat Agnäs nature reserve south-east of Torne bridge is very beautiful and is dominated by broad- leaved deciduous forest. There are many species of bird, rare fungi, lichens ond insects in the area. When you travel to the nature reserve you should bear in mind that Agnäs farm is privately owned. Ägnes Naturreservat
Hemslöjd Bredaslätt Handicraft in Bredaslätt in the South of Småland is a popular place to go for an excursion. It was built 1906 and used to be a school. Good parking and picnic possibilities under umbrageous lime-trees on the former school yard. We have Swedish Handicraft of high quality. Wood, birch-bark, ceramics, tin, forgings, textile etc. Hemslöjd Bredaslätt
Lake Åsnen Åsnen is one of biggest fishinglakes in South Sweden. Here you can fish pike, perch, pike-perch and eel. www.asnensfvo.se
Lake Mien Mien is a large lake in the south of Småland, about 20 km2. Mien is almost round as a circle and is build after a meteorite hit the earth about 120 miljoner years ago. In the middel of the lake is an island called Ramsö. Excellent fishing: Pike, perch and trout. www.miensfvo.se
Tingsryd Market Last monday and tuesday in july www.tingsryd.se
Körro Musikfestival Last week in july http://www.korrofestivalen.se

Tingsryd konstrunda

First weekend in september www.konstohembygd.se
Circus Bambino Circus for children on Tingsryd Resort in july and august www.tingsrydresort.se
Local service    
Tingsryd Horseriding, Ponyriding, Waterpalace (indoor pool) minigolf, Bank, ICA shop, Börjes (Supermarket, get a feeling from the sixtees and the seventies), department store,  Healthcentre, Pharmacy, Touristoffice, Pizzeria, Library ( Internet for free WI-FI), Music and IT shop, Liquor store (systembolag), Horseraces (Mile track) www.tingsryd.se.


Ryd Bank, ICA shop, Bengtssons Ironmonger, Healthcentre, Pharmacy, Pizzeria, Chinese restaurant  
Linneryd Supermarket, Local museum  
Väckelsång Supermarket, Veterinarian  
Urshult Plumber, Hairdresser, Veterinarian, Urshult Hotel, Bed and Breakfast  
  Lindgrens DIY shop Woody's Local Do It Yourdself shop. A large iron mongers shop, in the centre of Urshult. We have most of what you need in fishing equipment, camping, your cottagevisits, maybe a souvenir. You can also find the post office here where we can deal with most things.    
  Matöppet Supermarket  
  Urshults Bagarn Fresch baked bread  
  Ljushuset Ljushuset is a candle factory with a store (factory selling= low prices). Most of the candles are handmade and sold to factory prices. We have beautiful, hand- painted candles with different motives. In the store there is also candleholders, napkins and other articles. If you have the opportunity to come and visit you can also make your own candles  
  Glasshoppen Glass from most of the Swedish Glassworks and also imported glass. Handgrinded glass made by ourselves. China. Gifts of all kinds. Artificial flowers. Lamps, etc etc. Welcome!  
  Åsnen Rökeriet Our smoked fish restaurante is to be enjoyed, you can sit and enjpy our fish in the lovely garden or take it home. You can order roe parties etc etc. We can help you with arranging the fish on trays, we also have a very good potatoe salat, dishes and trays can be borrowed..  
  Urshults Bilservice Mechanic (cars), bensin, diesel  
Food / Serving Restaurant    
Restaurant att Tingsryds Camping Daily meals between 12-15  
Restaurant ladan Tingsryd Daily meals between 12-15, a la carte  
Urshults Restaurang & Pizzeria    
Kalles Kiosk in Urshult    
Ålshults handelsbod Coffee serving in Ålshult  
Health centre Ryd    
Pharmacy Tingsryd    
Rent a Bicycle / Boat      
Rent a bicycle Information can be found on Visit Åsnens. Please click here
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Information about fishing
Fishing License    
Fishing licenses for the lakes can be bought online on https://www.ifiske.se
Places to see    
Siggaboda Naturreservat The size of the naturereserve is 71 ha. It has a center of 10 ha that consists of a mixed beech and spruce forest, but the spruce dominates the reserve. The purpose of the nature reserve is to let a mixed spruce and beech forest with long continuity on highproductive land, develop freely, so that the natural dynamics can be followed and the great values of the nature can be preserved.  
Västra Åsnens national  park This will be established in 2017  
Körro Hantverksby

Korrö hantverksby, You can strol completly free in Korrö Handicraftsvillage in the old buildings, enjoy the atmosphere. The oldest building, the east wing is from the 1700s, the house standing is from 1800s. Since 1985 Korrö is owned by Tingsryds commune. Close by is Korrö nature reserve.

Huseby Bruk A museum full of life and a perfect place to visit with your family. Here you can find everything that made a village selfsufficient and different kinds of indutries, like an iron foundry, sawmill, dairy, mill, shop, forge and a station for water power. These buildings have been restored to their original condition and contains several museums such as mill-, sawmill-, electric power-, foundry-, farm labourers museum and "Naturum Kronoberg". You can also find craftsmen, restaurant, cafe and a shop. The beautiful mansion is preserved with unique original inventories. The park and the large garden are well managed according to old traditions. www.husebybruk.se
Eriksberg Naturreservat Welcome to an exclusive and unique experience between Karlshamn and Ronneby. The wildlifepark offers a close encouter with peaceful and majestic wild animals! On Eriksberg you are never alone. It offers a unique combination of seclusion in natural surroundings. In recent years, Eriksberg Wildlife & Nature has established also a modern conference center with first-class hotels and restaurants. www.eriksberg.nu
Kreativum Karlshamn Kreativum in Karlshamn is the science centre for inquisitive people of all ages – the perfect destination for the whole family, all year round. The unique discovery zones in the Upptäckartorg stimulate your curiosity, giving you the chance to try out over 100 different discovery stations. www.kreativum.se
Astrid Lindgrens Värld Astrid Lindgren’s World is a theatre and theme park where visitors can experience characters from Astrid Lindgren’s books in their true settings. Everyone can meet the characters, they perform scenes from the books and improvise situations involving the children in the park. The park was founded in 1981 and is in Vimmerby, southern Sweden, Astrid Lindgren’s native town. www.alv.se
Nils Holgersson Värld Nils Holgersson’s World is a family park with adventure & culture for families with a little bit older children. You can see Sweden in miniature. The whole family can have en adventure. The park is full of activities such as Laser Hunter, Rope Course, Jumping pillow 16×10 meter, Climbing net (5 meter high). New for this year! 18-wholes minigolf and Tramp-boats. www.vimmerbyadventure.com
Mörrum Laxens Hus Salmon in Mörrum  
Utvandrarnas hus Växjö Utvandrarnas museum in Växjö www.utvandrarnashus.se
Småland museum Växjö Småland museum is an old museum opened in 1885 www.smalandsmuseum.se
Glasriket In the Kingdom of Crystal glass has been blown since 1742. Today as a visitor you see both utility glass and art glass. You are welcome to see how the glass is blown! www.glasriket.se
Karlshamn Karlshamn city with a center from 1600 - 's offer shops, restaurants, museums, etc. A visit to Väggahamn with nice fish restaurants. In Väggahamn there are also shops with fishing equipment. Archipelago and the sea www.karlshamn.se
Växjö Service Center for Småland. To shop, museum, supermarket, theater, cinema, tennis, golf, hospital and airport etc. www.vaxjo.se
Rönneby Interesting city on the south coast. Archipelago and the sea www.ronneby.se


Interesting city on the south coast. Archipelago and the sea. Blekinge museum. Marin Museum

www.karlskrona.se  www.blekingemuseum.se



IKEA's first store. Brand new IKEA stores in 2012

IKEA Museum

Råshult Carl von Linné: Place of birth in Råshult. Älmhult. www.linnesrashult.se


Interesting island. Ölands Zoo www.oland.se
Skåne Tannesstuga www.tannesstuga.com