Conditions for renting cottages and flats.


Who is responsible?

Södra Sverige Turist Service HB

Aramo 28

SE 36295 Urshult



As landlords we are obliged to ensure that:

·         You receive written confirmation of your booking

·         You receive documentation and details of where to pick up the key in good time, but not necessarily more than 30 days before the agreed day of arrival,

·         The cottages/flat agrees with the description and pictures. We are not responsible for:

o    Any promises the owner or his contact person my have made directly to you without our knowledge and which we were not aware of or ought to have been aware of. (try to obtain promises in writing for safety's sake)

o    Changes the owner made without our knowledge

o    Disappoinment which arises, although the pictures are according to the cottage

·         You are informed of any important changes concerning your booking,

·         You may use the cottage/flat from 3 pm on the agreed day of arrival until 11 am on the day of departure, unless otherwise confirmed.

·         If you are not satisfied with the cottage/flat, you should contact us. See below.


Good to know before you book

All the cottages on the homepage are provided with pictures, so be careful if you book a cottage in order not to be disappointed after arrival. It’s very difficult to book another cottage during the high season.

Cottages at the country side are a bit different to your own home. The interior of the house used to be not as modern as your home. Sometimes it doesn’t meet your taste. Sometimes a bit old fashionned. But often cosy. The kitchen is may be not well equipped and the cutlery and equippement of all different kinds. Bedrooms and the bathroom may be smaller. Bedrooms are sometimes provided with bunkbeds and often the extra beds are simple turistbeds or bed-settees in the livingroom.

In summertime the water which often comes from an own well is sometimes little coloured (brownish - iron) but never dangerous. In the summer you have to deal with insects, maybe more than you are used to at home. In the wintertime you have to deal with different weather conditions (wet snow, freezing rain, severe cold) which can be a problem when you have to drive, sometimes it can lead till electricitybreaks which can last some time.


When does my booking become binding?

You and we are bound by the lease as soon as we have confirmed you booking and you have paid the application fee (or all the rent).


When should I pay?

If you booked earlier than 60 days in advance the application fee is 15% of the rent. The application fee should be paid within 7 days of the date on which we sent the confirmation to you. The rest of the rent should be paid no later that 60 days before the agreed day of arrival.

If you booked later than 60 days in advance, then the rent should be paid at once according the terms in the contract, but not later than the day before arrival day.

If you booked a longer period than 30 days, you do not need to pay for the following 30 -day periods before the last bank day before the start of each subsequent 30-day period.


What happens if I don't pay on time?

If you don't pay the application fee in time according to the contract, we have the right to cancel your booking. I you fail to pay the rent this is counted as a cancellation on your part and in that case the rules for cancellation apply.

If you don't pay the remainder or the total rent on time according to the contract, we have the right to cancel your booking. But you get first a reminder from us.

I you fail to pay the rent this is counted as a cancellation on your part and in that case the rules for cancellation apply.


What are the rules if I want to cancel?

You can cancel verbally or in writing to us or to the place that took your booking. Cancellation is not valid if it takes place through another party or is sent to the cottage/flat. We are obliged to confirm your cancellation in writing.

If you cancel more that 60 days before agreed arrival, you do not need to pay more than a application fee of 15% of the rent, but at least 600 SEK.

If you cancel 60 days or later before agreed arrival, you will have to pay the whole rent.

If you have already paid more than you are obliged to, the difference will be reimbursed by the party to whom it was paid.

Several insurance companies offer a Travel Cancellation Insurance, so tenants can insure themselves against the costs of cancellation.


What are my rights?

If we do not provide the cottage/flat in the promised condition or at the right time and cannot offer you another cottage/flat that differs so little from the one you booked that this is of no significance to you, you are entitled to cancel the lease, but only if we cannot find a solution ( for exemple: Instead of cancelling the lease, you may demand reduction of the rent).  If we can't find a reasonable solution we have to reimburse everything you have paid us, with a deduction for the benefit you may have had from the cottage/flat.

But you have to get in contact with us before you leave the house, so that we have the opportunity to make arrangements.


If you have any complaints they should be communicated to us as soon as possible, preferably within 3 days from the day of arrival. Any defects which occur during your stay should be reported immediately, so that we have the opportunity to rectify them.

You are entitled to put another person in your place and we have to accept that person unless we have special grounds for refusing. If you intend to do so you must inform us before the date of taking possession. The fee for changing the reservation is 250 SEK.


What are my obligations?

You must take good care of the cottage/flat and follow the rules and regulations which apply. You are personally responsible for any damage that occurs to the property and its contents through your own negligence or that of someone in your party. The tenants should have a house insurance liability insurance.

You must not use the cottage/flat for any purpose other than what was agreed at the time of booking (normal leisure purposes) and you must not allow more people to stay overnight in the cottage/flat or in its grounds than you stated on booking.

You must clean properly before you depart. I you fail to do so we will do the cleaning at your expense.

No sheets or towels are included in the price, you have to take them with you yourself.

If dogs are allowed, a dog is not allowed to run free, keep them on the leech. Dogs are not allowed to be in the house without supervision. The tenant is responsible for any damage caused by dogs.


War, natural disasters, strikes, etc.

We have the right to depart from the lease if the cottage/flat cannot be supplied owing to Force Majeur (military operations, natural disasters, labour-market conflicts, protracted interruptions in the supply of water or energy or other similar major occurrences, which we not could have foreseen or influenced). We are not obliged to reimburse what you have paid.


You and we have the right to depart from the lease if the cottage/flat cannot be supplied owing to fire, death/incapability/sickness of the owner(s). Under such circumstances we are obliged to reimburse what you have paid with a deduction for the benefit you may have had from the cottage/flat.


What happens if we don't agree?

Tell us about any complaints immediately. Bear in mind that your chances of obtaining redress may diminish if you delay in making your complaint. If we don't agree, you can contact Allmänna Reklamationsnämnden (the National Board for Consumer Complaints) which consists of an impartial chairman and a number of representatives of travel organizers and consumers. The address is: Box 174, S-101 23 Stockholm, Sweden. (



March 2020. These conditions replace the old conditions which can be found here .